Wound Care

Wound Care

Our wound care team is staffed by nurses with specialist nursing qualifications, who work closely with specialist doctors to provide expert advanced wound care management and stoma care advice to inpatients, outpatients and patients in a homecare setting.

Features / Highlights
Features / Highlights

Our hospital is equipped with advanced wound dressing and therapies such as negative pressure wound therapy, oxygen therapy, and polarized light therapy. Specialist nurses evaluate and analyze patient wounds to establish treatment goals, formulate and implement treatment plans to accelerate wound healing progress. During treatment, our high-quality wound care services help reduce the physical and psychological impact caused.

Scope of Services + Treatment
Scope of Services + Treatment

Wound Care

We provide individualized and comprehensive wound care plans with evidence-based practice to accelerate wound healing and alleviate patient discomfort.

We provide wound treatment for:


Acute Wound 

  • Burns, scalding
  • Abrasion and laceration
  • Skin tear
  • Surgical wounds 
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Fistula 

Chronic Wound

  • Pressure injury
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Cancerous wounds
  • Unhealed wounds 

This list of wound types is not exhaustive. Please contact us if necessary for further information.

Ostomy Care 

  • Includes colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, percutaneous endoscopic gastrotomy, etc.
  • Preoperative care: stoma positioning, counseling and education for patients and their family.
  • Postoperative care: stoma assessment, care and education for the patients and caregivers, prevention and treatment for stoma-related complications, and recommended adjustments for daily habits. 

Pressure Injury Prevention/ Incontinence Skin Care

  • Risk assessment 
  • Related preventive measures/ care plan 
  • Request referral from doctor  
Medical Team
Medical Team

Staffed by nurses with specialist nursing qualifications, who work closely with specialist doctors

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