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COVID-19 tests (Appointment only)
COVID-19 Precautionary Measures
Compassionate offer for Hospital Authority patients
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  • 1. COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

    COVID-19 Precautionary Measures


    1) In-Patient / Out-Patient Arrangement

    • Out-Patient: 
      • Those with fever, pneumonia, respiratory symptoms, OR close contact with a confirmed case OR to visited a community outbreak hotspot, please follow directions to designated areas for consultation and follow-up.
    • In-patient: 
      • Prior to Admission: COVID-19 Tests 
        • COVID-19 Test Requirement for In-patient & Day Case
          • Admission can proceed upon submitting a negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 72 hours. 
        • Test details: 
          • The first pre-admission routine COVID-19 test can be provided at HKAH-SR for free (appointment making is required, call 3651 8808 during office hours*).
          • Any accredited laboratory at their stated cost. 
      • During StayCOVID-19 Retest 
        • May be needed depending on clinical assessment. For example, if there is an onset of fever. 
        •  It is required every 7 days after (Free of charge by HKAH-SR) 
      • For those with 14 day travel history and require quarantine, OR close contact with a confirmed case, please self-quarantine in Hong Kong for 14 days, we’ll help to reschedule. 
      • Entrance for those with 14 day travel history outside Hong Kong and exempt from quarantine, may be allowed after conducting a negative COVID-19 Testing Service.


    2.Visitation Arrangement on or after 2 March 2021

    • Register VisitorsPrior to admission, each patient can register 2 visitors’ names with our Admission Office ( 
    • Visitation Hours: 10:00 - 13:00, 18:00 - 20:00, 2 visitors per session. 
    • At Screening Station: Visitors need to show the visitor’s documents and fill in the declaration form upon arrival at the hospital entrance.
    • During Visitation 
      • Please wear a surgical mask at all times, and do not eat or drink in HKAH-SR (even if the patient area is enclosed with a bed curtain).  
      • Please practice hand hygiene, and maintain social distance. 
    • The following personnel and their co-habitants should temporarily suspend visitation if they have 
      • Travel history outside Hong Kong in the past 14 days (including those who are exempt from quarantine);
      • Contact with a confirmed case in the past 28 days;
      • Currently under medical surveillance / home quarantine;
      • Received a written direction for COVID-19 testing under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap. 599J);
      • Visited community outbreak hotspot [specified premises in the specified time listed in a compulsory testing notice under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap. 599J)]
      • Symptoms such as fever, respiratory illness or pneumonia, or sudden loss of smell/taste;
    • Pregnant women and children should avoid visitation.


    3.Gentle Reminder

    • “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code is posted at the hospital entrance. Open the app and scan the code to record your travel history.
    • Those with quarantine wristband: kindly inform our staff first.
    • Everyone is to wear surgical masks, undergo entrance screening to check temperature, state travel history & practice hand hygiene.
    • Under Cap. 599D, it is an offence to state false/ misleading information to a medical practitioner.
    • Under Cap. 599J, if a specified medical practitioner clinically suspects a person has contracted COVID-19, they may, by written direction issued to the person, require the person to undergo COVID-19 testing.   A person to whom a compulsory testing direction is issued must comply by undergoing COVID-19 testing, either self-arranged OR at HKAH-Stubbs Road.
    • We provide COVID-19 Testing Service: Deep Throat Saliva Test and limited Nasopharyngeal Swab Test, with same-day results being available. Click here for more details!



  • 2. Before Consultation

    a. Kindly arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled consultation.

    b. Please bring along the following documents with you:

    • Hong Kong Identity Card / Birth Certificate / Passport
    • X-ray film, CD, or relevant imaging report
    • Relevant biopsy or blood test report
    • Current medication list

    c. Fees: Note that consultation fees vary for different doctors, excluding ancillary charges

    d. Insurance (Direct Billing): Please bring a valid insurance certificate / policy / card

    e. Inclement Weather arrangements: In the event of Typhoon signal No. 8 or above, our Outpatient Clinic will be temporarily suspended. Our Urgent Care services will operate as normal.

  • 3. Upon Arrival

    FTOCC Check

    • To enhance patient safety, we have a Triage Station at the hospital entrance to monitor temperature and health conditions, including asking about Fever and Travel History, Occupational Exposure, Contact History, and Clustering (FTOCC).



    • Appointment made through app or acquired QR code by email: Scan the QR code at the Kiosk next to the Information Counter, and then proceed to the Triage Station for further assessment.
    • Appointment made by phone: Register at Registration Office, then wait at the Triage Station for further assessment.
  • 4. Consultation


    Queuing: Waiting numbers will be shown under “Check-in and Queuing” on our app


    • Further examination or treatment: Nurses will help make further arrangement if necessary.
    • Follow-up appointment: These can either be arranged in-app, or by hospital staff via usual channels.
  • 5. Notes by Specialty
    • Eye
      1. Please reserve sufficient time as eye appointments may take 1 to 2 hours, including preparation and examination.
      2. Process: Patients will be asked to wait for 10 to 20 minutes for dilating eye drops to take effect. Once pupils are sufficiently dilated, the doctor will conduct further examination. Blurred vision may be experienced for 6 to 12 hours.
      3. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE AND AVOID OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Patients should also consider making special work arrangements in advance.
      4. Please prepare the following:
        1. Sunglasses, a hat or an umbrella to protect your eyes as they will become sensitive to bright light or ultraviolet light after dilatation. 
        2. Contact lens wearers should bring their glasses or extra contact lens as they may be asked to take their contact lens off during the examination.
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology
      1. If you would like to have a detailed scan examination, please make notes in the free text area on the last booking page, we will contact you as soon as possible.
      2. If an appointment is made for the removal of IUCD (intrauterine contraceptive device), kindly refrain from sexual intercouse 7 days prior to appointment.
    • Orthopaedics

      Please bring along examination reports and film if any.

    • Cardiology
      1. Please bring referral letters and medical reports if any.
      2. If a Holter examination is needed, kindly obtain the machine one day before the consultation, and return it at least one hour before the appointment time.
      3. If any of the following examinations are required, please arrive at these times:
      • 15 minutes early for ECG
      • 30 minutes early for Stress test.
      • 60 minutes early for Blood test, or Echocardiogram
      • 90 minutes early for Stress echo, or Tilt table test
    • Oncology
      1. Ensure previous diagnosis has been made.
      2. Please bring all medical reports including diagnostic and/or lab results if any.
      3. Please arrive 10 mins early for eHRSS authentication.
  • 6. COVID-19 Test & Frequently Asked Questions
    • Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS) Procedure


       Step 1: Reservation


      1. Please call 3651 8808 to make your appointment. Please specify your purpose of taking the COVID-19 Test, for example:
        • Compulsory testing required by the government
        • For travelling
        • Requirement set by your employer
        • Other reasons
      2. We will send you an SMS to confirm your reservation date and time.


      Friendly Reminder:

      1. If your purpose of taking the COVID-19 test is for travelling, please consult the relevant organisations for the validity period of the test result.

      For inpatients/outpatients/visitors, please read the “Important Information” ( prior to taking the test.



       Step 2: Registration at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road 


      1. Please go through the triage station located at the main entrance of the hospital. Afterwards, please register at the Registration Office with your identity document (HKID card/passport).
      2. If an electronic testing record is required, please provide a completed “2019 COVID-19 Electronic Testing Record System Registration Form”. 
      3. Please follow our staff’s instruction to proceed to the cashier or the waiting area.


      Step 3: 


      Consultation by a Doctor & Payment


      (people with referrals / registered visitors)

      1. After the doctor’s consultation, our medical staff will give you one specimen bottle and two specimen bags for the test.

      2. Please pay for the test at the Cashier.

      1. After paying for the test at the Cashier, our staff will give you one specimen bottle and two specimen bags for the test.



       Step 4: Sample Collection:


      Please proceed to our ‘Specimen Sample Collection Area’ to conduct the Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS) by yourself. Then put your sample in the designated sample collection point. 


       Step 5: Getting the Test Result 


      You will receive an SMS or an email from us notifying you your test result. 


       Step 6: Report Collection (if required) 


      You will receive an SMS or an email from us notifying you your test result. 

      • Please go to our Laboratory on 7/F to collect your report after you received the SMS.
      • If you are unable to collect your report in person, you can authorize another person to collect it on your behalf. The person will have to show an authorized letter and a hardcopy of your identity document (HKID card/passport), both of which must be signed by you.


       Please note: If you would like to download your electronic testing record, please refer to Q2 of the FAQs for more details. 


      Important Points to Note Before Arriving at the Hospital

      • Our Clinical Laboratory and Pathology is a designated COVID-19 test institution recognised by the HKSAR Government.
      • In accordance with the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) reporting guidelines, our doctor will notify the CHP about suspected cases and arrange the patients to be transferred to a public hospital. 
      • All patients must follow the established infection control and diversion procedures.
      • Please wear a mask in the hospital.
    • Frequently Asked Questions


       Regarding the “2019 COVID-19 Electronic Testing Record System”


      Q1: What is the electronic testing record system?

      • It is website ( set up and operated by the government which facilitates free download by the general public of their own electronic testing records.


      Q2: How can I get my own testing record?

      • Upon registration for the test at the hospital, please submit a completed “2019 COVID-19 Electronic Testing Record System Registration Form”.
      • One hour after you receive the test result SMS from us, please go to the government’s “COVID-19 Electronic Testing Record System” website ( to download the QR code. You may also log in to the “2019 COVID-19 Thematic Webpage” ( by providing the following information:
        • Your identity document type and number
        • Specimen number (can be found in the SMS or email we sent you)
        • Click “Save” to download the 2019 COVID-19 Electronic Testing Record


      Regarding the COVID-19 Testing


      Q3: Is there any quota for appointments per day?

      • Limited Quota, please make an appointment
      • Booking:(852) 3651 8808


      Q4: How to take sample for the Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS)? Is there anything I should beware of beforehand?


      Q5. How should I choose between the Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS) and Nasopharyngeal Swab Test (NPS)?

      • Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS) is suitable for most people. You are welcome to know more about the reservation details and the sample collection arrangement by reading the ‘Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS) Procedure’.
      • Specific group of people, e.g., children and elderlies, may need to consider Nasopharyngeal Swab. Our hospital only provides limited Nasopharyngeal Swab tests (NPS). Kindly first consult a doctor on your eligibility for the NPS test.


      Q6. Which test is suitable for travelling to Guangdong and Beijing from Hong Kong?

      •  Specimen for COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test is standardized into 2 types:
        •  Nasophargngeal swab (NPS) or
        • Combined Nasal and Throat Swab (CNTS)

      Note: The Hospital only provides appointment services for Nasopharyngeal Swab Test (NPS) and Deep Throat Saliva Test (DTS).

      • For children under 6, if there is difficulty in obtaining NPS or CNTS, Orophargyngeal swab is acceptable.


      Q7. Can I submit the deep throat saliva sample to the lab during weekends or on public holidays?

      • Yes.


      Q8. Is there a Chinese version of the COVID-19 test report? Is the report signed by a doctor?

      • The COVID-19 test report is issued by our laboratory and it is in both Chinese and English.
      • If you have other purposes for taking the COVID-19 test, please check if you will need a doctor to sign the report. If doctor’s signature is required, please let our staff know during registration.


      Effective Date: 1 Mar, 2021