Our Hospital offers a wide range of room types including deluxe, private, semi-private (two-bed), standard (three- to four-bed), isolation, Short Stay Unit, Pediatric Unit, and Obstetric Unit rooms at different rates.  All rooms feature modern amenities to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our patients. In particular, deluxe and private rooms are equipped to accommodate an extra family member who may want to accompany the patient overnight.

Unit 500 & Unit 700

Elegant, comfortable, and designed with patient safety as a top priority, the U500 & U700 ward employs a range of electronic and automation technologies that facilitate provision of safe, high quality medical services that cater to the specific needs of patients and their caregivers.

All hospital beds are equipped with Infotainment system that provide easy access to free television channels, internet service, video conferencing, and the hospital’s meal ordering service, as well as the patient’s medical information such as admission arrangements, test results, and billing details.

Digital screens located outside each patient room and near the head of the bed clearly indicate the names of the patient’s attending doctor and nurse, as well as the patient’s current condition, providing easy reference for medical staff and family members. A wireless charger is also installed near the head of the bed for the patient’s convenience. In addition, all restrooms feature automatic faucets to minimize the spread of germs, while some restrooms are fitted with automatic doors, providing barrier-free access for patients.

In U500, private rooms also include comfortable amenities for visiting caregivers who wish to stay overnight with the patient.

The U700, which exclusively offers private rooms, is designed with a strong emphasis on patient privacy. 


Room Type:

  • VIP or Private: Single Bed
  • Semi-Private: Single or 2 Beds
  • Standard Ward: 3 or 4 Beds