All-New Website Offers Improved User Experience

On April 11, the Hospital officially unveiled its revamped website, designed in line with the latest technological trends to better cater to the needs of the public. The website includes newly added functions that support appointment booking, enabling users to quickly and easily make appointments and enquiries, thereby streamlining the medical consultation process. The new website also features a wider collection of articles and videos focusing on various conditions and diseases, which encourages patients and visitors to increase their awareness of health and wellness topics through a verified source of medical information. The entire website is designed to be user-centered with the aim of facilitating quick access to information via a more personalized, interactive user experience.

Three Key Improvements:
  1. Patient-centered appointment booking system: The new interface includes shortcuts to some of the most commonly used functions (such as: search, appointment booking, and doctors) and places them front and center, allowing users to easily find what they need at a glance or quickly make an appointment.
  2. Enhanced search engine ranking: Through changes made to website settings, content, and format, internet users are now more likely to be directed to the Hospital’s website via search engines such as Google and Yahoo, increasing web traffic on the Hospital website.
  3. Simple, user-friendly design: Boasting soft colors and a dynamic design, the new website also caters to the browsing experience of both computer and smartphone users, with articles, charts, promotional leaflets, and pricelists displayed in a way that is optimized for the device being used. Viewers may now enjoy hassle-free access to detailed and practical medical information.
website revamp screenshot 2022