Official Opening of Adventist Medical Center-Taikoo Place

2 Jul 2020
Adventist Medical Center - Taikoo Place

Convenient Same Day Arrangements for Specialist Examination & Treatment  

  • Many low risk endoscopy exams or small-scale surgeries can be conducted here. This option maximizes scheduling flexibility and reduces unnecessary time spent in the center. Combined with an optimized treatment process, patients can save time and money compared to traditional hospitalization.

High Levels of Patient Safety

  • Both the operating and endoscopy rooms are on par with hospital standards. Following our “Clean and Dirty Diversions” principle to prevent cross-contamination, patients, medical staff and equipment all follow a one-way flow. Moreover, the operating rooms are pressurized, with a high-efficiency Hepa filter that fits international standards.

Tailored Services to Meet Diverse Needs

  • The operating rooms have multiple private resting rooms with beds, allowing patients to rest before and after their procedures. Spacious and with a high degree of privacy, it creates a feeling of home.

Many services are already available, further details could be found in the website below: