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O-Arm O2 Imaging System with StealthStation 8 Navigation System

To provide the highest level of care to patients, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAH – SR) has recently installed two cutting-edge surgical systems produced by Medtronic: the O-arm O2 imaging system and the StealthStation 8 navigation system. In Europe and America, the combination of the two systems is recognized as the gold standard of intraoperative spinal imaging, and HKAH – SR is proud to be the first and only hospital in Hong Kong equipped with both of these advanced systems.

The O-arm O2 is a mobile X-ray system, while the StealthStation 8 enables live, 3-D navigation during surgery for clear visualization and enhanced precision. When used in conjunction, the systems facilitate a wide range of minimally invasive spinal procedures as well as complex brain surgeries, all of which require a high level of accuracy from surgeons.

Special features:

  • Enhanced precision: live, 3-D imaging enables surgeons to perform procedures with improved accuracy
  • Greater effectiveness: options to plan and preset implant trajectories streamline the surgical process and improve clinical outcomes
  • Improved safety: intraoperative 3-D imaging ensures precise implant placement, minimizing the need for fluoroscopy during surgery and reducing radiation exposure to patients, surgeons, and medical staff
Specific benefits for minimally invasive spine and brain surgeries:
  • Surgeons are able to plan their access, which allows for smaller wounds. The system also caters to the needs of heavier patients.
  • The system provides the best trajectory for placement of pedicle screws in both open and minimally invasive spine surgeries, enabling surgeons to effectively control purchase and pullout strength and ultimately improving clinical outcomes.
  • Clear visualization facilitates insertion of percutaneous pedicle screws, even in deformed spines, and is especially helpful for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and adult degenerative scoliosis.
  • Intraoperative imaging allowssurgeons to accurately identify landmarks in revision cases, orthopedic spine surgeries, and complex reconstruction procedures, significantly reducing the risk of injury to the nerves.
  • Surface targeting helps surgeons avoid vital structures and accurately access the lesion(s).

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